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The firm believes that the majority of  portfolio returns come from asset allocation. It is critical, therefore, to move among  the major asset classes at the right time as described in TIMING THE MARKET by Deborah Weir (John S. Wiley, 2005).

Readers say...

Ralph J. Acampora, CMT

Knight Equity Markets

"With the ease and clarity of a teacher, Deborah Weir expertly fuses three critical elements investors must use in making more informed buy and sell decisions."

Editorial Review: "This is the first book to explore the interest rate/stock market relationship and describes a specific system for profiting from it."

Prior to founding Wealth Strategies, Ms. Weir managed fixed-income portfolios for institutions such as Rockwell International and United Technologies at Scudder Investments (now Deutsche Bank).

 "Timing the Market" by Deborah Weir
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